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Violaine Iglesias

CEO & Co-Founder of Cadmore Media

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Silverchair Webinars

The Silverchair Universe Presents Cadmore Media

Learn more about Silverchair Universe partner Cadmore Media. Cadmore’s vision is to help scholarly and professional organizations publish media content in the same expert way as would be true for journals and books; with DOIs, integration with library discovery, SEO, citations, descriptive metadata, chapters and segments, to name but a few, and all done in an accessible way to WCAG 2.0 guideline standards. As a Silverchair Universe partner, Cadmore Media provides a deep integration of video and audio research material, conference sessions, podcasts, and other visually and orally rich content with the more traditional parts of the scientific record on the Silverchair Platform. Recently, Cadmore Media has been very busy helping societies virtualize their meetings and publish all those new recordings on publishing platforms and event portals.