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Tanya Laplante

Head of Product Platforms, Oxford University Press
Tanya Laplante is Head of Product Platforms for Oxford University Press’s Academic Division. Working closely with key stakeholders, she oversees the strategic development of OUP’s research publishing platforms, including Oxford Academic, which features over 500 journals and 40,000 books. She is dedicated to delivering innovative roadmaps with capabilities and features that highlight and promote Oxford University Press’s first-class publishing while meeting the needs of users, customers, and partners.

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Platform Strategies

Platform Strategies 2023: Stable but Unsustainable: Leadership Roundtable

What are the primary challenges and concerns of leaders for a scholarly publishing organization in the current era? What issues consume the majority of that executive’s attention? How do these leaders manage increasing ecosystem complexity? These big questions underlie many of our organizations’ most important business strategy and technology decisions. This roundtable discussion gathered industry leaders to discuss how they are grappling with these issues. (Note: the audio contains a clicking sound from mic interference)