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Betsy Donohue

SVP, Business Development, Silverchair
Betsy is a business development professional with more than 25 years of creative sales, product development and marketing experience. She has successfully built strong partner relationships to leverage commercial success, and instinctively discovers and develops new opportunities for expanding profitability of commercial partnerships.

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Platform Strategies

Not Your Mother’s Migration: Lessons from migrating more than 47gb of technical XML

Even with recent strides in technology, moving decades of content onto a new platform is a major undertaking. The details involved with simply collecting every digital file in a publisher’s portfolio are daunting. Which means that analyzing and updating an entire library that dates back more than 90 years can feel insurmountable. Join AIP Publishing, Silverchair, and Data Conversion Laboratory as they discuss the details around the largest platform migration in Silverchair’s history—47.4 gigabytes of XML, 1.73 terabytes of assets ,1.1 million files, 29.4 million MathML formulae analyzed and updated, and 36 million reference citations all structured to the latest iteration of JATS. Hear from collaborators about the keys to their success, lessons learned, and tips for others looking to migrate or update their complex content.
Platform Strategies

Platform Strategies 2023: AI In Scholarly Publishing Panel Discussion

Artificial intelligence and large language models have the potential to change, even disrupt, every aspect of scholarly publishing, from how infrastructure and platforms are developed to how content is discovered, used, and licensed. This panel discussed actual and potential applications of the technology.