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Jessica Miles

VP, Strategy, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
Jessica Miles is Vice President, Strategy and Investments at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. She leads strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, and investments in science and technology to support the development of new products and services for advancing research and science communication. Previously, she worked in the legal sector before joining Cell Press and Elsevier, where she organized conferences and webinars, managed the Trends series of review journals, collaborated with societies, and transformed end-to-end publishing processes across Elsevier’s journal portfolio. Jessica has consistently championed inclusive and rigorous science, advocating for sex and gender-based analysis in research, DEI in peer review, and underrepresented communities in STEM. She holds a doctorate in Microbiology from Yale University.

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Platform Strategies

Platform Strategies 2023: AI In Scholarly Publishing Panel Discussion

Artificial intelligence and large language models have the potential to change, even disrupt, every aspect of scholarly publishing, from how infrastructure and platforms are developed to how content is discovered, used, and licensed. This panel discussed actual and potential applications of the technology.