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Beyond Books & Journals: The wild world of content formats


Dawit Tegbaru


Editorial Manager, Knowledge Futures Group

Dawit Tegbaru joined the Knowledge Futures Group (KFG) in September 2020 as Editorial Manager, where he supports community publishing on PubPub, its open authoring and publishing platform. Dawit’s work in scholarly publishing spans ~15 years, managing journals for non-profit society publishers. He spent most of his career with the American Geophysical Union and oversaw journals for societies in engineering and biomedicine disciplines as Managing Editor. Dawit was instrumental in developing the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s data sharing policy and advocated as a panel moderator consensus building for a clinical trial data sharing policy among oncology journals more broadly.Dawit has a B.A. in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Development from George Mason University.

Hannah Heckner


Director of Product Strategy, Silverchair

Hannah Heckner works to inform, prioritize, and execute on the Silverchair Platform Development Plan. This includes work in overseeing the Platform Decision Log which captures internal platform development suggestions; facilitating Publisher Working Groups that discuss industry trends, publisher needs, and developing Silverchair solutions; and managing vendor relationships and internal implementation for the Silverchair Universe program. She has worked within academic publishing for over 10 years and has experience with both commercial and non-profit publishing, most recently at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Rebekah Stacha


Assistant Director, Technical Publications for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Rebekah Stacha is the Assistant Director, Technical Publications for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Rebekah has responsibility for the strategic management of SPE’s publishing programs for journals, proceedings, books and SPE’s electronic databases, including the flagship multi-society database OnePetro™. With over 20 years of non-profit association management experience at SPE, Rebekah is passionate about executing innovative solutions to capture and effectively deliver technical content to members worldwide. During her career at SPE Rebekah has had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles beyond publications which have helped her fully understand the complexities of non-profit association management. These include working in member and student programs, developing SPE’s online communities of practice and managing SPE’s retail sales. A graduate of Texas A&M with a BBA in Management, Rebekah obtained her CAE certification in 2009.

Todd Carpenter


Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

Todd Carpenter currently serves as Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), a non-profit association that develops and maintains standards for the creation, persistent management, and effective interchange of information. Prior to joining NISO, Todd was Director of Business Development at BioOne, He also held management positions at The Johns Hopkins University Press, the Energy Intelligence Group, and the Haworth Press. He has served on the Boards of several industry and community organizations, including the Baltimore County Public Library, the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and the Free Ebook Foundation. He contributes regularly as a Chef on the Scholarly Kitchen and frequently presents at industry events. Todd is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a masters degree in business from the Johns Hopkins University.