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The Silverchair Universe Presents DCL - Content Clarity: Audit, Analysis, and Insight Across Your Corpus

Silverchair Universe Webinars
Analyzing legacy content as well as recently published content in a publishers’ library reveals discrepancies, anomalies, and errors that impact content discoverability and interoperability. Looking deeply at key criteria in an entire content catalog reveals actionable insights that will improve content structure and accuracy. This webinar dives deep into content metrics and analysis of content structure issues that negatively impact platform performance: · Missing DOIs and cross-references · DTD validation or parsing errors · Broken links · Inconsistent subject categories · Invalid assets Brian Trombley from Data Conversion Laboratory has deep experience helping publishers structure content to reap the benefits of improved content discovery. Together with Silverchair, Brian demonstrates how these issues should definitely be resolved prior to a platform migration but also conducted periodically to maintain your content’s optimal health.