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How Unifying Your Data Expands Reach, Revenue, & Impact

Associations and publishers alike have long struggled with customizing content for different segments of their membership and audience. Integrating and managing data from disparate sources, leveraging data to create better digital experiences, and using data to grow new revenue are difficult concepts to understand, much less implement. This discussion offers a look at how organizations like HIMSS approached and addressed these issues, taking control of their data to grow their audience and tailor their outreach. Learn how to use these strategies to deliver better engagement and personalized experiences, boost recruitment and retention efforts, and support new product development.

Jake Zarnegar


Chief Business Development Officer, Silverchair

As Chief Business Development Officer, Jake Zarnegar works directly with scientific and scholarly publishers to explore new partnerships and find the best alignment of Silverchair’s complementary suite of technologies and services with each publisher’s digital product strategy. A 20+ year industry veteran, Jake is a frequent speaker at SSP, ALPSP, and STM events covering emerging topics at the intersection of technology and scholarly publishing.

Steve Lieber


Consultant, Hum / Former CEO, HIMSS

With over 35 years’ experience in association management, Steve consults on governance, technology, and business strategy. He is also Of Counsel with executive search firm Quick Leonard Kieffer, Executive Advisor to early-stage technology company Next Wave Connect, and strategic advisor to Hum. For 18+ years, Lieber served as President/CEO of HIMSS, the world’s largest association focused on healthcare information technology (HIT). During this time, HIMSS grew by a factor of 10 in terms of audience reach and annual revenues through a series of mergers, acquisitions, and organic growth. Highlights of this growth included the formation of HIMSS Analytics, a market intelligence company, and HIMSS Media, a diversified B2B information company. As a nationally recognized commentator on health policy, healthcare IT trends, and association management, Lieber is a regular speaker and contributor to corporate strategic planning efforts, government-sponsored policy efforts, private sector initiatives, companies, and non-profit organizations.